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Here are 10 things to consider when going to your hairdresser for a hair color consultation

1. Research. Look for hair color ideas and trends beforehand to know what hair styles you like. Bringing photos is always a good idea.

2. Consultation process. Be open and clear about your expectations and don’t be afraid to ask questions about all your options.

3. Hair History. Inform your hairdresser about any previous color treatments or allergies you may have.

4 Budget. Discuss the cost of the color service and any future maintenance that may be required.

5. Skin Tone. Consider how different hair colors may complement your skin tone.

6. Maintenance. Discuss the upkeep required for the color you choose and if it aligns with your lifestyle.

7. Hair Condition. Assess the current condition of your hair and discuss any concerns with your Hairdresser.

8. Aftercare. Get tips on how to maintain your color after the salon visit.

9. Timeframe. Understand how long the color process will take and plan accordingly.

10. Trust your hairdresser’s expertise and be open to their suggestions for the best outcome. By following these steps, you may find yourself walking away with a few new ideas for your next haircut or haircolor.