Amethyste Professional, Farmavita

AMETHYSTE Colouring Mask SILVER (250ml)  For very light blonde-silver tones. Neutralizes unattractive yellow undertones from silver-white hair. Eliminates yellow residue from very light blonde highlights turning them a brilliant white. Complementary product: Amethyste SILVER Shampoo.  Directions: after shampooing, wear suitable gloves, distribute uniformly on towel-dried hair and massage. Leave in for 5 mins. then rinse thoroughly. It does not acts on regrowth.

 COLOURING MASK COLLECTION  Rich colouring mask, formulated with high performing direct pigments, revives and intensifies colour in few minutes.  Enriched  with Argan Oil for extreme nourishing and brilliance, leaves hair  extraordinary luminous and soft. Amethyste Colouring Mask is ideal to:  • revive and intensify cosmetic colours in-between salon visits;  • create temporary tones in natural hair;  • neutralize unattractive yellow undertones and enhance very light blonde highlights: Amethyste Colouring Mask SILVER.   FARMAVITA.

The La Biosthétique Color System Blonde makes going blonde even more natural, even more gentle and even more exciting. With Blonde, experience a new dimension in hair colour!